Lagos to London Global Learning Curriculum has been launched.


The Lagos to London curriculum is preparing students for life, work and navigating an interconnected and global society. It aims to prepare them to take ownership of their lives by strengthening their knowledge, skills, connections, ethical values, cultural awareness and decision-making skills.


The L2L curriculum is centred around 10 key lessons:


  • Self discovery and personal mission
  • Developing resilience and overcoming setbacks
  • Developing good habits
  • Developing cultural awareness and adaptation skills
  • Building impactful relationships and networks
  • Decision making
  • Understanding values and ethics
  • Effective communication
  • Navigating career choices
  • Professionalism fulfilling requirements. 

We are excited to be empowering young people with the mindset and skills essential for success as self-starting individuals with the capability to lead themselves, engage with others, and use these as means to build their life.



Contact us on hello@lagostolondon for more details.